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Intuitive Parenting involves wanting to follow our natural, hardwired knowing about what our children need compared to the schedules, parent-speak, and strategies we learn when searching for parenting tools and philosophies. The intuitive parenting types are usually empathic, heart-oriented, creative, and highly influential. We feel what our children feel and we can soothe them. Our basic tendency is to follow our inner GPS and sometimes that is hard.hen

“Discovering my temperaments was a precious gift  for understanding that it was okay to be me, the intuitive parent.

Ginger M. 


Can’t Deny Intraising intuitive childrenuitive Parent Traits

Honestly, in our rushing about or focusing on work-related projects, we spend much time in the logical part of our brains. Yet,  intuitive intelligence can speak louder if necessary.

An intuitive parent’s knowing when centered on a child, has rarely not identified the needs, situations, or conversation that need attention.

We HAVE TO understand how our intuitive parent nature presents for our children & how to apply it to real life.  Christopher, a dad to Jason, 16 years old, had an intuitive sense about Jason when first held him after birth.

Christopher’s Story

Christopher explains: “I was holding my newborn son when my just broke open with torrents of love. Along with rush of feelings, I saw images of my when he was older. The scenes were a car accident at age 5, training for football at the high school, Jason on the swim team, and several other imagesas Jason moved through his teen years. I held these images close, and they were always in my consciousness. For example, when Jason turned five years old, I remembered the scene of a car accident. I wasn’t afraid of the scene, but I was aware of my caution when driving with Jason in the car. On satuday afternoon I was driving home with Jason. My body sped up to get through an intersection with a yellow light, and my gut felt turned upside down. Talk about really feeling intuition! It was so odd. I drove the car through the intersection at just below the speed limit, and immediately parked the car on the right side of the street in front of a restaurant. Within seconds a large garbage truck sped through the intersection and ran a red light in the process. The truck hit a spot of gravel in the intersection and swerved sideways before moving straight ahead again. I have no doubt that the huge trick would have hit my car and Jason and I might not have survived based upon the spped and weight of the huge truck. 

“What I like about being intuitive is that I just know some things to be true. If my instinct was to get through the yellow light turning to red and park the car, I don’t have to think about it. The primal instinct of survival is in all of us. I don’t want to know why I had that instinct to act.”


Coaching Intuitive Parents & Children Training & Certification

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