One of our most influential tools for parenting is the power of our intuition, our inner sense sometimes called inner voice or wisdom. Much has been said about a mother’s intuition, and we thought you would enjoy  these brief stories. 


Mother’s Intuition

One of our most influential tools for parenting is the power of our intuition, our inner sense sometimes called inner voice or wisdom.  Kathy explained that she was an intuitive mom. She often enjoyed her end-of-the-day routine after putting her three children to bed. She liked to sit alone at night, read a good book and enjoy the solitude. One night, she felt something touch the back of her neck.  She turned to see what it was when a voice in her head told her to check her infant son. She got up immediately and went to his room to see that as he lay in his crib he was not breathing. Later at a symposium, she learned that her son was a prime candidate for SIDS. Sudden Infant Death would have claimed another life if she hadn’t trusted the voice she heard and taken action. The intuitive traits that Kathy showed were

  • Being self-aware of feelings and perceptions,
  • Trusting instinctive feeling–even when the outcome was unknown by the logical mind,
  • Feeling connected to the feelings of others.

“Intuition is more than knowledge, and truth comes pure from the heart.”
~ Don Bradley (Angels in a Harsh World)

A Mom’s Intuition 

Jenna’s daughter, Liz, was only seventeen when she graduated from high school earlier than her peers in order to take a summer and fall internship at a language institute. Jenna used her mother’s intuition to advise Liz on courses or the big decisions that Jenn had to make about her future at college and work. Right now, Liz was on a fast track to a prestigious interpreter’s position with a large company, and she had to attain specific training hours. The morning of her departure arrived. Jenna and Liz  shared a quiet breakfast together before loading up her car and driving off.  Jenna realized how long she had waited for her time to graduate and leave home. She felt enthusiastic and also sad. Her route through the desert to get North was awesome as far as beauty, but also the road was empty. Where were the other cars?

No worries Jenna thought. Relax and enjoy the ride. About two hours down the road, Jenna heard a pop and the car swerved slightly. A flat tire? Jenna got out of the car and did see a bad blowout. She made attempts to change the tire herself, but she didnt’ quite have the strength to ensure the lugs were tight.

Well, there was no one to call with no cell phone signal. She would wait for another car. Surely, one would come. Liz felt comfortable for the first hot hour in the afternoon. But lack of traffic and a way to communicate with any one left her confused. Should she stay with the car? Should she start walking to get some help? Would she find someone’s home so she could use their phone?

Mom Felt Her Fear

Jenna felt her daughter’s anguish, and if she felt it out of the blue, that meant that Jenna must be overly tired or frustrated. Out of the anguish she felt in Jenna, Liz called the state highway patrol. She apprised the officer on desk of the situation and asked that a patrol car in the area find her daughter’s car and please report back.

The officer on patrol did find Jenna and had her car towed back to a local gas station for service and a new tire. Liz had sent her mom a mental S.O.S. out of desperation, but was only a little hopeful her mom might sense her situation. Thanks heavens she had.

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