Caron Goode

Dr. Caron Goode is an influencer in the global parent coaching movement. She founded the Academy for Coaching Parents International (2004) and the HeartWise™ Coaching Institute, which trains and certifies professional coaches with mastery training for coaching parenting, relationships, families, intuitive intelligence and personal transformation.

Award-winning Author of USA News National Parenting Book Award in 2009, for Raising Intuitive Children (New Page) Dr. Caron Goode has authored and published 22 nonfiction print and digital books in coaching, health and wellness, small business, parenting, and relationships. She ghostwrites books for others (77 to date), and continues to syndicate her articles in digital and print magazines and through social media.

Coach & Counselor are roles that Dr. Caron Goode enjoys for the empowering transformations she witnesses in clients in her coaching practice. She and her husband, Dr. Tom Goode, live in Lake Elsinore, California.

Through Retreats and Personal Mentoring, Goode offers women a reflective spiritual journey to the DreamLodge, where each connects with and uses inner spiritual wisdom. Sometimes the listening to their body wisdom and trusting spirit essence is a first-ever experience of deepest forgiveness and acceptance. What freedom women embrace and what miracles they manifest! Goode revels in the discovery!

Tara Patterson

A certified coach for parents of intuitives, Tara Paterson is raising three highly intuitive children with her husband in Round Hill, Virginia. She is also a columnist, parent advisor, and author of 100-plus parenting and spiritual articles.

In 2004, she launched Moms In Print, a publishing company that assists “mom” authors. The following year, she created the Mom’s Choice Awards®, which assists mothers in selecting products and services for their families.

Paterson has appeared on CBS’ 48 Hours, the Today Show with Katie Couric, CNN with Anderson Cooper, the Early Show, Fox & Friends, has been featured in the Washington Post, Newsweek magazine and several radio broadcasts both nationally and internationally and she is the spokesperson for the Mom’s Choice Awards® and an expert blogger for the Partnership for a Drug Free America.


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