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Raising Intuitive Children helps parents understand an intuitive child’s world and teaches them how to validate, not suppress, these intuitive abilities. The stakes are high; if intuitive children get dismissed, they can lose their way, their joy, and their spirit.

Psychotherapist Caron Goode teams up with parenting expert and coach Tara Paterson to share explanations, stories, and examples–many from Tara’s own family–in this ground-breaking guide. It shows how to:

* Know if a child is intuitively gifted.

* Shift the parenting style to meet a child’s style and strengths.

* Use breathing techniques to stay centered, calm, and optimistic.

* Create rituals so children can feel solid and bring forth their intuitive intelligence.

* Deal with environmental and nutrition elements that especially affect intuitives.

* Explore strategies for bonding and communication at each stage of development.

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“Raising Intuitive Children fulfills an urgent need in teaching parents how to nurture our children’s most important sense, their intuition. It is at home, from their parents, where children either learn to trust, express, and follow their natural wisdom, leading to fulfilled and peaceful lives, or to dismiss their intuition, thus losing their way, their joy and their Spirit. A must read for all parents as all children are inherently intuitive.” ~Sonia Choquette, Author, The Intuitive Spark: Bringing Intuition Home to Your Child, Your Family, and You.

“Our society is changing and the paradigms of childcare as well as the rearing of intuitive children must sway from archaic standards to a more realistic perspective. Raising Intuitive Children gives parents excellent explanations with true-life stories that first brings normalcy to what has previously been viewed as a phenomenon, and then provides a terrific skill set for parents and caregivers alike. Raising Intuitive Children is a must read for anyone having anything to do with the Children of Now.” ~Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D., Author of Conversations with the Children of Now, The Children of Now and Pyramids of Light, Awakening to Multi-Dimensional Reality

“Raising Intuitive Children is a parent’s guide to understanding the
special gifts our children are here to teach us. The authors’ use of
real stories from their own lives lend heart and compassion to our
evolving need as a society to connect with our children in a new, more
loving way. Having two of my own children who are full of light, I see
the need for more parenting books that address the needs of highly
intuitive children. I would recommend this book to anyone!” ~Josie Bissett, Actress & Author of Tickle Monster

“This major work provides effective strategies for nurturing the intuitive child’s personal style of relating to the world, an absolute necessity for character excellence and success in their purpose.” ~Kendall Gammon, Retired, Kansas City Chiefs, Author of Life’s a SNAP: Building Your Business and Personal Future & Game Plan: Leadership Lessons from the Best of the NFL

“Paterson and Goode are providing a much-needed resource for caring parents and their intuitive children. As the mom of two girls who are deeply connected to their intuitive senses, I’m thrilled that a book like this is available to me.” ~Julie Aigner- Clark, Creator of Baby Einstein and the Safe Side

“I was deeply moved by the anticipated focus of this work. To say that it is of a groundbreaking nature would be an understatement. While reading I was reminded of the new slogan for HGTV (Home and Garden Television) that urges its viewers to “Start at Home.” And thankfully, this mandate is clearly evident here as well. The informed use, respect and honoring of our intuitive selves has the most potential of bringing about larger societal shifts when support and value of this way of being is first present in the home. Moving from deviance to established social practice takes tremendous amounts of energy and courage, and many have been dissuaded from traveling this path due to the harmful and constricting labels that we attach to the intrepid few. However, as we all know, the level of consciousness that created the present challenges we are encountering in Western society is not the same level of consciousness that will lead to their resolution. It is imperative that we do all we can to support our children in developing their gifts, and Raising Intuitive Children is a bold and loving directive on how to do just that.” ~Dr. Idara E. Bassey, attorney/intuitive & host of Sedona Talk Radio’s “Everyday Divinity”

“An informed and thoughtful approach to parenting intuitively aware, energetically sensitive children in an ever-changing world.” Maria Housden, International Best Selling Author of Hannah’s Gift and Unraveled.

“Wow, If only my parents had read Tara and Caron’s profound and deep advice! As a 22 year-old, I struggle constantly to explain to parents what kids are going through and how to reach them, yet Tara and Caron’s warmth, honesty and open reflections bring to light many issues that generations of youth have been struggling with–but have never been able to express. Thank you for taking the steps to explore how intuitive children and teens need to be nurtured and sharing it with the rest of us, I am truly enlightened!” ~Vanessa Van Petten, teen author of You’re Grounded! and creator of OnTeensToday.com

The time has finally come to support and encourage the intuitive children of the world and authors Tara Paterson and Caron Goode do it brilliantly. This is a book that every parent, who even thinks his or her child may be intuitive, must have. Raising Intuitive Children is the catalyst for making huge, positive changes in intuitive children’s lives and the family as a whole. ~ Linda Salazar Author of Awaken The Genie Within: A Handbook to Silence Your Gremlins, Manage Your Emotions and Bring Out the Best of Who You Are

“A much-needed treasure trove for the development of children’s intuitive intelligence in a left-brain world. All who care for kids will enjoy the cutting-edge research, fascinating stories and wish they had this much support for their imagination and intuition. Great read!” – Sandra Sedgbeer – Editor in Chief, Inspired Parenting & Children of the New Earth Magazines.

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